Our Story

A professor at Moody Bible Institute and Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Gene Getz started the first Fellowship Bible Church in 1972, in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Getz mentored people for leadership through an in-ministry, life-on-life approach.


Gene’s commitment to mentoring led to the development of an in-church internship program to develop emerging leaders for pastoral ministry and church planting.

In 1990 Bruce Miller joined the staff under Gene at Fellowship Bible Church North (now known as Chase Oaks Church) to develop a “church-based” training program.


In 1995, Jeff Jones joined the staff and Centers of Church Based Training (CCBT) was established.


In October 1999, CCBT began ministry to local churches with its first “Churches Training Leaders” conference. James Roberts became the first President of CCBT.


In 2010 Dave Buckert was chosen to be the second President of CCBT. Catalysts International and Confia Publishers were formed as ministry arms of CCBT.


Today CCBT has partnered with churches in many countries and denominations, training them to use this 1st-century discipleship model. The experience of these churches has, in turn, led to significant life-transformation in their people.

All to Maturity…The Pathway to Leadership.