Vinny Gerace

I am a “poster child” for church based training! After my “Damascus road type” conversion to Christ, I eventually served as an intern and pastor at Fellowship Bible Church North (under Dr. Gene Getz). Additionally I worked on the staff in the early years of CCBT in curriculum development, networking, and consulting. My personal history is a story of church based training in the local church. It grounded me, grew me, and gave me a vision for the Church that changed me forever.

God has taken three elements of my life and woven them together—1). A biblical worldview (thanks to CBT), 2). An understanding of people and how they function, 3). My natural gifting and history. These elements have combined to create my unique leading and consulting perspectives.

I currently specialize in training and coaching individuals and organizations to maximize their potential. Recently I launched a communication and consultant company, Wired Within. I train people to accomplish a variety of managerial and leadership goals by learning to influence people so that they produce targeted results. I have trained a variety of corporate executives, politicians, prominent doctors and educators, as well as ordinary people just trying to make relationships work better.

I currently live in Wichita Kansas with my lovely wife Teresa of 19 years and our son Andrew, now 17. I also helped raise two stepdaughters, Tiffany, and Amanda, both of whom are happily married. They have given us three awesome grandchildren. In my spare time, I enjoy playing with the grandkids, reading, studying, teaching, coaching parents, serving in the church, and floating in the pool.

I am blessed man. I was “grafted into” Christ. I was intentionally discipled from day one of my Christian life. I was the recipient of the love of people within a robust and healthy church. They re-parented me and redeemed my brokenness They gave me a model of leadership.

I wish that all disciples were blessed with the same good, intentional training I received through my church. However, I have learned something through my consulting in CCBT. It is rare that a church takes on the full responsibility to train a person from a newborn in the faith to a robust, fully formed Christ follower. It should not be this way. We want to see not just some, but many churches taking up the challenge of forming mature disciples and leaders. This is why I am so happy to accept the role of Executive Director of Centers of Church Based Training. I believe that healthy churches who are committed to discipling their members to maturity in Jesus Christ will see their communities grow and flourish and many others will come to Christ as a result! I look forward to taking up the baton to see this happen.