The Dilemma

God’s Solution


of American pastors believe the church is doing a good job of helping people grow. (


new Christians are added outside the US every year. (TOPIC)


American churches die every year while only 1000 new ones rise to take their place. (


of pastoral leaders outside the US lack basic information, training and tools to equip their people. (TOPIC)


of American churches are plateauing or in decline. (


will be untrained Christian workers by the year 2025. (TOPIC)

Your People…

Excited about their faith
Loving one another
Telling others about Christ

Your Leaders…

Possessing knowledge, skills, & character to lead well
Developing new leaders

Your Church…

Multipying healthy churches for generations

The local church sits at the heart of God’s leadership development strategy.

Your church is in a unique position to provide whole-life leadership development – developing godly character, forging a strong theology and worldview, and nurturing relational and practical skills – resulting in disciples that lead with their heads, their hearts, and their hands.

Centers of Church Based Training (CCBT) is committed to helping your church not only with leadership development, but also with building the core value of leadership development into your church culture.

1st Century Discipleship…for 21st Century Churches

“Nothing can stop this. If you really hand [leadership development] over to the churches, then nothing can stop this!” – Ukraine


discipleship model


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